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Using Handmade Jewelry To Enhance Your Wardrobe

Many men and women spend a lot of time and money choosing exactly the right pieces of clothing for their wardrobe. Women may wander from store to store in search of that perfect dress and men may sort through many ties before choosing one that matches their new suit. However, there is a less expensive way to enhance your wardrobe than you may even realize. Purchasing unique pieces of handmade jewelry is a fun and inexpensive way to add pizzazz to your clothing.

Most artists create unique, one-of-a-kind items that only you will own. Therefore, you can express your creativity by purchasing a piece that really speaks to you. Trust me - you will know the piece as soon as you see it. Fortunately, the variety of handcrafted jewelry is only limited to the artist’s imagination. You won’t believe the incredible talent and creativity displayed by many of these artists. Try to find items that not only match your outfits, but also reveal something about your personality. If you are more outgoing, you may prefer to purchase a bright, wild design that really commands attention. If you are more conservative, you can always opt for a less flashy, traditional item that is still classic and timeless. Handmade jewelry provides an opportunity for you to proudly reveal your personal taste, style and personality.

Handmade jewelry is also very effective for emphasizing certain colors of your clothing. For example, try ordering a custom necklace or earrings to match the pretty green stripes in your favorite blouse. You will be surprised how much the perfect accessories really complete an outfit and add to the finished look. Many artists will let you choose the colors you want for certain pieces. Therefore, be sure to ask if you find a piece you like that isn’t available in the particular color you want. Another option is to try mixing and matching colors. A well chosen pin or bracelet in a contrasting color can really add life to a neutral outfit. Jewelry made with brighter colors is also a great way to liven up darker suits or jackets.

If you can’t afford to replace your wardrobe, replace your jewelry instead! This method is less expensive and will keep you from getting tired of your older clothing. If you are sick of looking at that navy blazer that has been hanging in your closet for the past 10 years, don’t give it away. Buy a beautiful, modern pin to liven it up! Even one piece of well-chosen jewelry such as a pin, bracelet, necklace or cufflinks will make your clothing seem new again. You can also use handmade jewelry to change the appearance of your wardrobe. Adding various pieces can make an article of clothing look completely different. You may also be surprised how particular shades of jewelry will bring out different colors in your outfits. Try purchasing 3 or 4 different necklaces or bracelets that match at least 5 articles of your clothing. Choose a different piece of jewelry every time you wear the item for a completely distinctive look. You will end up with an almost endless variety of combinations using only the pieces of your existing wardrobe.

Instead of buying new clothing, consider purchasing handmade jewelry to enhance your wardrobe. Unique jewelry items reflect your creativity and personal style. They can also be used to bring out different colors or brighten an outfit. You can obtain a whole “new” wardrobe by simply mixing and matching different pieces of jewelry!

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